sábado, dezembro 25, 2004

welcome to a refreshed corner of creative thoughts, or not

Para inaugurar o novo formato deste magnificente blogue pedi à minha grande amiga, Elizabeth II, Rainha de Inglaterra, para dizer umas palavras. A idosa senhora aproveitou e enviou esta bela foto tirada hoje após o almocinho de perna de porco estufada, na sua sala, para mostrar o espírito natalício que invade o seu acolhedor lar-museu.

Aqui ficam as palavras da agradável senhora minha amiga:

"Dear readers of this blog,

First of all I would like to congratulate you for founding this little corner of the world wide we. Second to say that this corner saved my marriage, my relationship with my son and Diana Spencer. Why? Obviously because it showed me that the important thing in life is to be queen, and have all the luxurious, about the rest we just should let it go... for example, i still hate Diana, even after she died, i still disaprove the bahaviour of my son, and i still do not with my husband and get fornicated only by other man, BUT i don´t worry about that, i am the Queen, so i have it all, the rest does´t matter, really. Have a nice one, right here, in creative mind near you. Smashing, kind sirs and madams, groovy, respectable members of the web.
I honestly hope you have a merry christmas on this day.

Best regards,
Queen Elizabeth II.

Onde podem ver a transmissão do Natal da Rainha, fascinante, muito mesmo.

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